Residential Real Estate

The buying and selling of residential property can be one of the most stressful tasks anybody can undertake. As the buying or selling of a home is a huge financial commitment, for many perhaps the biggest they’ll ever be involved in.  It is extremely important to be represented by a law firm that truly cares about your interests and will protect them at every turn. We pride ourselves on taking this approach.

Our legal team will evaluate and negotiate our clients’ contracts, closing loopholes, limiting their liability, securing their rights and dealing with all of the hassle so they don’t have to.  Contracts may seem easy to understand sometimes, but all too often they are not. Often, parties involved in a transaction that feel their rights were infringed upon will try to settle the matter after the closing. This can lead to years of litigation and thousands of dollars in legal fees. By retaining our counsel, our clients can feel safe and secure knowing that every detail of their transaction is being expertly handled by a group of dedicated, hard-working legal professionals who genuinely care about their interests.

For years we have helped hundreds of clients buy and sell their homes all throughout the state. We do our best to remove all of our clients’ unnecessary stress while we carefully handle their transaction, and they feel secure knowing that no one will work harder for them than we will. Regardless the type real estate transaction, or what phase it’s in, NOW is the time to call the Uniglicht Legal Group., LLC. We are always available and seize any opportunity that arises to help our clients. Let us handle the stress, we’re built for it.